About Us

José Martí Peix S.A. is a group of companies which are engaged in the extraction, production and processing of sea products.

It is one of the most well established companies of the sector, with more than 50 years of experience.

It has more than 25 vessel freezers.


It was 2005 when the decision to distribute our own  PEIX products was made The desire to directly arrive to the customer with its own identity, to create products that add value to the company and the market were enough incentives  to stablish Dimapeix.

The company has a centre for processing fish products. It is an innovative factory with high capacity and low cost production, based on  high-tech engineering. It is a bet to the market and the customer and  it is intented to cater for current and future needs. It represents a total change in the mentality of the company, and is the culmination of what started in 2005, going from an exclusive production activity, to serving the customer and the market as a fundamental principle of the company.